Monday, December 17, 2007

Self Portrait

This was a lot of fun to draw. It's not exactly new, BUT it was drawn this year... (at some point.)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Space Man

This is based on the idea of Future|Past. Imagine if you will of what our grandparents thought what the future would look like. This particular space suit came from the cover of a Time Magazine way back when people were this awesome. I'm not 100% how the suit works, but it's adorable in my opinion.

My Uncle Arnie Characters

Well, not really MY uncle Arnie, but someone's uncle Arnie.

This first one was some of the designs I did first for an animated short that I'm involved with. They are a little rough around the edges but hopefully they show what they are meant to show. The idea behind the character design was to look very "Cartoon Networky" specifically their kid shows.

This one has all their approved colors, more or less. Seeing them all lined up really showed how orange-y this will all look. Seeing them like this made me decide to make greenish/blueish backgrounds. I hope this will make the characters really POP.

Click on the picture for full their full size.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Begining

To start off my blog extravaganza, I will post something amazing I did today. I burnt the hell out of my lunch.


I actually ended up not eating so much of it. I made a horrible burnt mess, then left it alone to fester. I image that this is somehow an analogy for how much I update my website.

HOPEFULLY, this is not the case. Even if I don't update my actual website, I will update this with my current projects. My goal isn't to make this a blog about my personal life, but more about my personal work. I feel that if I feel obligated to update this, then perhaps I will actually force myself to create new work to put up on it. We shall see...